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Understanding Cloudflare Error 1020 Access Denied: Causes & Solutions

When embarking on the journey of web scraping websites protected by Cloudflare’s robust Web Application Firewall (WAF), encountering the “Error 1020: Access Denied” message is a common hurdle. This error signifies that Cloudflare has identified and blocked your scraper’s IP address due to perceived security threats or policy violations. To navigate through this challenge effectively, utilizing a sophisticated web scraping API becomes essential. Such an API can offer the agility to rotate IP addresses or implement more advanced strategies to mimic human behavior, thereby significantly reducing the likelihood of detection and ensuring uninterrupted access to valuable web resources.

Various factors can trigger this error, ranging from web scraping at an excessively fast pace to the use of low-quality proxies. Cloudflare’s anti-bot systems employ a range of technologies to detect and block web scrapers, including:

To circumvent this error, it’s essential to strengthen your scraper against Cloudflare’s anti-scraping technologies. This can be achieved by using proxies and adopting better scraping practices and libraries, such as those provided by Scrape Network.