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Understanding 520 Status Code: Comprehensive Guide to Fixing Server Errors

When encountering a response status code 520, it typically signifies that the server was unable to generate a valid response, often associated with Cloudflare. This error is particularly vexing because it points to a range of potential issues, from server overloads to configuration mismatches, that are not directly disclosed. For web scraping practitioners, a 520 error may also suggest that their activities have been identified and hindered by the server, possibly due to the scraper’s request pattern or inadequate request headers. To address and circumvent such issues effectively, adopting a best web scraping API can offer a strategic advantage. These APIs are engineered to optimize request patterns, incorporate necessary headers, and employ sophisticated techniques to mimic human behavior, thereby minimizing the risk of detection and enhancing the success rate of data extraction tasks.

To prevent status code 520 during web scraping, it’s crucial to ensure that all sent requests include necessary headers such as secret/CSRF tokens, Origin, Referer, and other commonly required details. If you’re sending a POST request, verify that the sent body aligns with the expected format.

Alternatively, the scraper might be detected and blocked. In such cases, you can refer to our guide on scraping without being blocked, which provides comprehensive strategies to prevent web scrapers from being identified.